1.     Who can have reflexology?

Anyone!  From babies to the more mature client, reflexology is suitable for anyone.

The only barrier to having reflexology is if there is an ongoing problem with DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) or any form of blood clot.

2.     Is it painful?

Most clients find reflexology to be a very soothing, relaxing experience.  However on occasion a client may experience some mild discomfort.  This usually signifies an area of imbalance and passes quickly. 

3.     How can it help me?

Reflexology cannot claim to cure specific conditions however many clients have found that is has helped them hugely in coping with illness or presenting conditions.

Reflexology is very effective in treating stress and all the symptoms that come with it including aiding sleep and relaxation.

4.     I'm trying to get pregnant, can reflexology help?

Again, reflexology cannot claim to help specific conditions however many women believe that they became pregnant after receiving reflexology treatments, often having spent years trying to conceive.