What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a relaxing complementary therapy that aims to optimise both physical and emotional health. 

Reflexology is a non-intrusive therapy based on the theory that different points on the feet and hands (also found in the face and ears) correspond to different areas of the body.  

How does it work?

Reflexologists are trained in a unique form of pressure point massage used to stimulate "reflex” points on your feet or hands. Practitioners consider the foot to be a reflective map of the body and the reflexologist works by massaging and stimulating these points. By relieving tension or congestion in the foot or hand, the effect is mirrored in the corresponding body part.

The aim of Reflexology is to bring about a state of deep relaxation, a sense of balance and to stimulate the body's own healing processes.

How can it help me?

Having reflexology treatments can bring many benefits to optimise health and well-being alongside offering relaxation. 

It is a holistic (whole-person) treatment and alongside medical care, reflexology can really help to improve quality of life.